Thursday, 17 January 2013

Memories of Bulawayo and the Veaseys

Terry opening Complex Ores '97
It is three and a half years since I last caught up with my old friend Terry Veasey (see posting of 21 August 2009). Terry was a popular lecturer at Birmingham University and also for a short period at the National University of Science & Technology in Zimbabwe. It was as a result of a short visit to see Terry and his wife Pauline in Bulawayo that we set up the very enjoyable Complex Ores’ 97 conference. A couple of photos from that event in Bulawayo are shown below.

With the Veaseys and John Hope
Lunch in the Matopos Hills with Frank Crundwell and Yaw Asamoah-Bekoe
This morning Barbara and I took the ferry across the River Fal to the little village of St. Mawes, for a pub lunch with Terry and Pauline, who are relaxing for a few days in Cornwall. Terry is still very much involved with the greyhound racing scene, but also spends a lot of time these days on philately and the restoration of  cast iron artifacts.

Lunch today at the Victory Inn, St. Mawes


  1. Really enjoyed that trip to the Matopos! I still wish Yaw and I had published the paper we presented on platinum leaching at Complex Ores 97...

    Frank Crundwell

  2. Yes, a wonderful area. I particularly enjoyed the hike to the top of the granite kopje.


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