Friday, 11 January 2013

Dedicated followers of fashion

I note that Amanda and Dean Eastbury had good sniggers at my 1980s clothes on Tuesday's posting. White trousers were the style at that time, and as a fashion icon I did, of course, have to set the trends.

As I did in the 1970s also, but it is hard to believe that I actually ventured out to functions wearing this suit and tie. At least you can't see the trousers! And before you ask Amanda, yes the hair was real.

Amanda and husband Richard did at least have the excuse of being at a fancy dress party in the recent photo below (can you guess as who?).

But no excuse for Dean, who insists on wearing The Shirt, without any trace of embarrassment, at all MEI Conferences. For some reason it always reminds me of pea soup and red peppers.

Sartorial elegance at Process Mineralogy '12


  1. That shirt was hand made in Hawaii and cost a fortune. At least it's not pink!

    1. They obviously saw you coming- which we have little difficulty in doing at conferences!

  2. That pink shirt is actually Dad's camouflage shirt Dean. Notice how his wine and face are blending in with it.


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