Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MEI Young Person's Award presented to Peter Amelunxen

Every two years the IMPC presents its highest award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Claimed to be the highest honour in mineral processing, the recipient is by definition nearing the end of an illustrious career in the industry.

So we thought it would be appropriate to create an annual award to a person just setting out on, hopefully, a long and fruitful career in mineral processing, and the MEI Young Person's Award, given to a person under 35 years of age, was instigated early this year.

Nominations for the award were invited, and the person who, in our opinion, proved the most worthy candidate was Peter Amelunxen of Aminpro, Chile. Full details of Peter's citation can be found on MEI Online. This morning I had the honour of presenting Peter with the award for 2011 during the opening of Process Mineralogy '12 in Cape Town.

The call for nominations for the 2012 award will be made in December.


  1. Thanks Barry, my first mineral processing course at the University of Arizona was probably the hardest course I took in my undergraduate program (thanks Dr. Hiskey, I guess it worked!) so I never thought this might be in the cards. You should know that we used your 6th edition (still have it, and I still use it!). I'm also grateful for the opportunity to review MEI papers and get access Scopus-- that's also helped me more than you know. So that's why it's a bit humbling for me to receive this.

    Cheers, and congrats on a GREAT Process Mineralogy conference-- highly recommended for my colleagues and I love Capetown, wish the family could have come along!


    1. Thanks Peter. You are a very worthy winner of the award. What is really encouraging is the number of young people at Process Mineralogy '12, which bodes well for the future. Hope you and the family can make it to Process Mineralogy '14

  2. Barry, well done. We have to locate and recognise young talent who would lead the mineral Engn to meet the new demands of process/ engineering/application.
    My kudos to you, once again, for the way you are serving Mineral Engn.
    Best wishes,

  3. Good on him! The relationship between JK Factor and SPI was a little gem...

  4. 1. Yes I congratulate him for the good work in green technologies developed.
    2.Giving support to young team is a very positive approach today. Heart felt wishes to develop such broad thinking.
    3. Lot more can be done in Mineral processing. Now we are well recognised today as ores are getting depleated fast, demand is high,and stringe norms from Mining laws for conservation of minerals, especially for low grades.
    Best wishes
    Kshirasagara Siva Rao


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