Sunday, 11 November 2012

A weekend break in Cape Town

Process Mineralogy '12 came to a close on Friday afternoon, after which we said our farewells with a few more glasses of wine in the sunshine. My full report on the event is scheduled for publication on November 26th.

Yesterday Jon and I hiked up Lion's Head with a few of the delegates who were staying on for the weekend, and a couple who are here for the next conference.

On top of Lion's Head. Jussi Liipo (Finland), Jon, me, Dean Eastbury (UK),
Friederike Minz (Sweden), Les Hutton (UK) and Mike Adams (Australia)

See also Movie 1 and Movie 2.

The sun continues to shine, so today we will relax by the wonderful Vineyard pool, before welcoming delegates to Precious Metals '12 which starts tomorrow.

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