Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Conference of Metallurgists, Niagara Falls

I was unable to attend this year’s Conference of Metallurgists at Niagara Falls, due to a very unfortunate clash with the IMPC in New Delhi. So I am grateful to Prof. Fathi Habashi of Laval University for sending this photo taken at the conference reception.

Fathi Habashi, Ghazaleh Nazari (Iran), Teresito Malicse (Philippines),
Nadia Habashi and Elena Voskresenskaya (Russia)

This was the 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, and was held at the Sheraton Hotel in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting. Fathi tells me that the technical program featured papers from all fields of minerals, metals, and materials technologies and was focussed on six symposia: Rare Earths, Pressure hydrometallurgy, Pyrometallurgy, Corrosion, Clean processing, and Sustainability through mining. All symposia were available on a CD distributed to participants as well as in book form for purchase. In addition to the symposia there was a Metals Trade Show, short courses, a banquet, and technical tours. Plenary speeches were :

  • “Ingenuity” by Thomas Homer-Dixon from University of Waterloo
  • “Why Can’t We Innovate?” by Chris Twigge-Molecey from Hatch
  • “The Future of Sustainability” by Bruce Conard, consultant
  • “Enhancing Innovation and Technology Development Capabilities Through Collaboration” by Engin Özberk from Cameco Technology and Innovation.
I invite comments from anyone who was present at the meeting.


  1. Thank you to all attendees of COM2012, which MetSoc hosted in the city of Niagara Falls, the 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2012) held in conjunction with Pressure Hydrometallurgy 2012, the 42nd Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting. There were 715 participants that came from around the world. Thirty five countries were represented with a high representation from Canada, US, Australia and Japan. Industry sections were represented with 74% industry, 20% academia and 6% other.

    The theme of the Conference was Metallurgy and Materials Impact on Society; the technology achievements of today that answer society's aspirations for tomorrow.

    The program was complemented with a trade show of 15 exhibitors, 3 short courses (Presssure Hydro which was sold out, Gold Processing and Environmental Challenges) and 3 industrial tours.

    Much appreciation to the Organizing committee, all the authors and presenters and our student volunteers. Follow us on

    Brigitte Farah
    Manager, Administration & Conferences
    The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM, Canada

  2. Thanks Brigitte for the feed back. I congratulate you and your crew for a wonderful job done. I would like to add that the Organizing Committee was headed by Professor Vladimiros Papangelakis of the University of Toronto who was installed President of the Metallurgical & Materials Society at the conference. Next conference will take place in Montreal October 27-31, 2013 at the Palais des Congrès. Gaudeamus igitur, Fathi Habashi


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