Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Reflections on the New Delhi IMPC

Looking back on last week’s IMPC confirms my belief that the Congresses are perhaps the most important events for mineral processors of all disciplines to get together and ‘network’.

I caught up with many old friends last week, but was surprised that many people that I expected to be there were not, for various reasons. I am sure that after reading my report on the event, they will regret not having travelled to India. It was also great to meet many new people, particularly the next generation of minerals engineering students.

With ISM students, 1989

Many of these students were from the Indian School of Mines, which I visited 23 years ago. I was hoping to meet some of the students from 1989, who are on the photo (left), and also members of the staff at that time photo below).

With ISM staff, 1989

Amanda and me, with Prof. Venugopal and
Dr. Temuujin Jadambas of Mongolian
Academy of Sciences

I did meet up with Prof. T.C. Rao (4th right above), then head of minerals engineering at ISM, and it was also good to meet Prof. R. Venugopal (2nd left above) who is now President of the Indian Institute of Minerals Engineers. Those that I did not manage to see, were you at the IMPC, what are you doing now, and where are you in the photos?

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