Sunday, 26 June 2011

Post-conference Falmouth

I know a few lucky folk decided to stay on over the weekend after last week's MEI Conferences.

Today has been glorious, with temperatures in the mid-20s. It would be interesting to know how those who remained in Cornwall, or elsewhere in UK, spent their Sunday. Below is the scene on Swanpool Beach, Falmouth at 3pm this afternoon.


  1. where were those people on last Tuesday as that was Sunny as well at 3. Perhaps due to Sunday they came out from their homes. However, good luck next time delegates!.

  2. Thanks for a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable conference Barry. It was great to get a feel for the history and geology of Falmouth. The talks were very informative and interesting. I only wish I'd stayed in Cornwall to bask in some of that Sun.

  3. My wife and me enjoyed our sunday in Falmouth and it was a nice day. Actually this is a beautiful place.


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