Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Precious Metals and Nickel Ores Processing Special Issues Published

Precious Metals '10 and Nickel Processing '10 were held back to back in Falmouth last year.  Selected papers from the events have now been published in special issues of Minerals Engineering, and are also available on ScienceDirect. The Precious Metals issue (Volume 24 Issue 6) contains 15 selected papers, and the Nickel Processing issue (Volume 24 Issue 7) 11 selected papers.

The Proceedings of the conferences, containing unrefereed papers, are available from MEI.  Details of the Precious Metals CD and the Nickel Processing CD can be found on MEI Online.

The next conferences in the series, Precious Metals '12 and Nickel Processing '12, will be held back to back again, in Cape Town, in November 2012.

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