Thursday, 16 July 2009

CSM's first mineral processing graduates

Had a couple of emails today from Pete Walsh, who was one of the first students to graduate in mineral processing technology at Camborne School of Mines in 1979. Unfortunately Pete has just been made redundant from SGS in Cornwall, but has put names to the people in the 1979 photo:
Back row: Pete Walsh, Keith Burdon, Dave Binns, Martin Moloney, Nuru Yakubu, Musa Sheikh, Dave Dew, Danlami Garba, Pete Gilmour, Howard Askew and Ramsamujh.
I would love to know the whereabouts of these students. Dave Binns I know is running a gem shop in Hastings; Martin Moloney I last saw in Australia; Nuru Yakubu I met up with in Zimbabwe about 20 years ago; Musa Sheik I met at the Indaba meeting in Cape Town about 5 years ago- he was with the Nigerian High Commission; Dave Dew was with BHP Billiton in South Africa.
The 1979 mineral processing staff are on the front row:
Next to me are Vic Phillips (deceased); Jim Turner (retired in Truro); Roger Parker (deceased); Bob Barley (retired in Camborne).


  1. hi my name is debbie hosking and for years i have been trying to locate my father who graduated from camborne school of mines in the late seventies. his name is danlami garba and if you look in the photo on the back row he is the 8th person standing up from the left hand side. i would be ever so greatfull if you culd back to me as im am very eager to trace my real dad. many thanks

  2. Hi Debbie

    I hope that someone sees this and responds. I will put something here if I hear anything.

    Barry Wills

  3. This could be him:


  4. barry thank you so so much for getting back to me,if you or anyone else has any more information please please let me know. im desperate to find my father

  5. is there any one else that has any more information....i really need your help

  6. Hi Debbie,
    In 1979, all the Min. Pro. students exchanged addresses & Danlami's address was shown as 3263 Sardauna Crescent, Kaduna, Nigeria (though the first digit was altered so it might have been 1263 or even just 263 - Dave Binns who wrote the list might know)

    Anyone know where Dave Dew is now?

    Pete Walsh


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