Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Base metal prices surge

It is good to see base metal prices on the rise.
Copper prices have surged to a ten month high, boosted by growing optimism about economic growth and demand in China. Copper has hit $5,646 per tonne on the LME, up $125 from Friday.
Aluminium prices are also up to $1,855 per tonne, a gain of more than 40% since February and the highest level since November.
Nickel and zinc also hit ten month highs of $17,ooo and $1,740 per tonne respectively.

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  1. The perfect performing commodity within the base metals sector in Q3 used to be zinc which rose by14.97%. Nickel was a detailed 2nd with a achieve of 14.2%, followed through aluminium with a rally of 11.42%.


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