Saturday, 4 April 2009

SRCR '09- Day 1- afternoon session

After an excellent buffet lunch, 5 papers were presented in the afternoon session with the common theme of sustainable processing.

Tony Collings of CMSE, Australia, discussed the use of high power ultrasonics to reduce bauxite waste, Alexander Hesketh of University of Cape Town described ways of mitigating the generation of acid mine drainage from copper sulphide tailngs, and Warren Bruckard of CSIRO, Australia, introduced the development of an integrated early removal process for the beneficition of arsenic-bearing copper ores.

Two South African papers dealt with mine waters, Godfrey Madzivire of the University of Western Cape on the removal of sulphate from mine water using fly ash, and Lesego Moitsheki of Sasol Technology on the effect of free lime content on high pH and scaling of ash transport water.

The session finished with coffee, before the delegates dispersed to sample the delights of Cape Town.

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