Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Biohydromet '09 - Day 2

The turn-out this morning was disappointing, with only 60% of the delegates attending the first session (Environmental), where 5 papers, from South Africa, Spain and Iran were scheduled. We are still trying to ascertain why the three delegates from the Islamic Azad University of Iran did not show, despite 2 of them being authors of one of the papers.

After the coffee break, the conference concluded with 4 papers dealing with precious metals and uranium.

The draft papers are available on CD-ROM, and authors have been invited to submit final versions of their papers to Minerals Engineering for peer-review. The special Biohydromet '09 issue will be guest edited by Prof. Sue Harrison and Drs. Jochen Petersen and Rob van Hille, from the University of Cape Town.

The 5th Biohydromet conference is scheduled for November 2010, at the same venue.

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