Monday, 6 April 2009

BioHydromet '09 - Day 1

This was the 4th MEI BioHydromet conference, and, due to the recession, by far our smallest, with 30 delegates representing Brazil, China, Germany, India, Iran, Japan, South Africa and Spain.

Initially 56 papers had been accepted for presentation, and withdrawals reduced this to 26, but as I pointed out, it is quality that makes a successful conference and not quantity.

Our consultant Prof. Sue Harrison, of University of Cape Town, introduced the meeting, highlighting the potential way forward in biohydrometallurgy. Following this, 7 papers dealing with base metal processing were presented, by authors from South Africa, India, Germany, Japan and Brazil.

After a long leisurely lunch break, 4 papers dealing with acid resins, biocorrosion control, preparation of activated carbons from coal, and heap bioleach reactors, were presented in the General session, by authors from South Africa and Iran.

During the coffee breaks, 5 posters were presented, representing work in Iran, China, South Africa and Brazil.

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