Sunday, 22 September 2019

Memories of Minerals Engineering '99, Falmouth

Twenty years ago today Minerals Engineering '99, the 9th in the series, began in Falmouth. This was the first MEI Conference to be held at the Falmouth Beach Hotel, which was destroyed by fire in 2012. The event was sponsored by Baker Process and Technomag, and was in collaboration with CSMA Ltd.
Over 90 delegates, representing 22 countries from as far as Australia, North and South America, Europe and Asia, attended the conference, which included 56 high quality presentations, both oral and poster, which were selected from among the over 100 abstracts submitted.
I'm sure that you will recognise many of the people in the photos below.
Overlooking Falmouth
Camborne-Redruth Mining area
At the West Wheal Bassett Stamps
Land's End
By the Crowns Engine Houses, Botallack
The Botallack arsenic calciners

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