Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fire destroys MEI Conference venue

A devastating fire has gutted the Falmouth Beach Hotel, the venue for MEI's Falmouth-based conferences. These photos were taken yesterday at the height of the fire, which was fanned by extremely strong winds. More details can be found on the BBC News site.

We are only seven weeks away from Biohydromet '12, but we assure everyone who has already registered, or who intends to register, that the conference will go ahead as planned, but at an alternative nearby venue in Falmouth. Full details will be announced as soon as available on the conference website. If, of course, you have booked accommodation at the Falmouth Beach Hotel, you will need to seek alternative accommodation.

As to next year's Falmouth events, SRCR '13, Physical Separation '13 and Computational Modelling '13, all we can say at this stage is that they will go ahead, and we will announce where as soon as we can arrange a venue.

Falmouth Beach Resort Hotel 1984-2012


  1. Barry, that is shocking and terrible. My sympathy to all those involved.Fathi Habashi Fathi.Habashi@arul.ulavl.ca

  2. Thanks Fathi. Everyone has fond memories of it: http://www.visitfalmouth.com/blog/the-falmouth-beach-hotel/. Hopefully, like the Phoenix, it will rise again from the ashes


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