Saturday, 13 July 2019

IOM3 Futers Gold Medal to Gekko's Sandy Gray

On behalf of all of us at MEI I would like to congratulate Sandy Gray on his recent award of the IOM3 Futers Gold Medal, for outstanding services to the international minerals industry.
Sandy, Managing Director of Gekko Systems, Australia, presented a keynote lecture at Physical Separation '17 in Falmouth. In that year he was a finalist for the Austmine Champion of Innovation Award. He also received the AusIMM 2017 Professional Excellence Award, and in Denver in February 2017 was inducted into International Mining Technology's Hall of Fame.
Sandy (right) at Physical Separation '17 in Falmouth, relaxing with Nick Wilshaw,
Simon Hille, Mike Battersby and Tim Napier-Munn
Since co-founding Gekko, Sandy has rejuvenated the art of continuous gravity separation and he has become a world leader in low energy and pre-concentration flowsheets encompassing gravity methods, flotation, concentrate leaching for the gold and silver sector. He invented many of Gekko's patented systems including the InLine Pressure Jig, G-Rex Resin Exchange and the Python Processing Plant. His inventions are breakthroughs in the field of mineral processing, with over 600 installations at mines in 43 different countries. It was a pleasure and honour to interview Sandy and his wife Elizabeth for MEI back in 2015.
Elizabeth and Sandy receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005
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  1. Sandy Gray, my hearty congratulations on the honour bestowed on you.
    Looking forward to more contributions from you towards better practices in mineral processing and also such honours to you.
    Good to see you Tim in that photo-best wishes to you.


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