Thursday, 23 November 2017

No rush to leave Cape Town

After a wonderful two weeks in Cape Town, Barbara and I are now in the BA Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow, having breakfast before our train from Paddington to Cornwall leaves in 4 hours time!

After our week at the Vineyard Hotel for Flotation '17, we spent 5 days on the other side of Table Mountain, at Camps Bay, relaxing and also preparing the long and comprehensive report on the conference, which will be published on Monday.

Hard at work in Camps Bay
Camps Bay is an easy 6 mile walk to Cape Town's vibrant Waterfront, and a favourite watering hole and meeting place is the Ferrymans, where Amanda and Jon spent their final evening in Cape Town last Friday, before the flight back to London on Saturday.

Jon and Amanda at the Ferrymans
..and Barbara and I on a cold day 3 days later
Many of the Flotation '17 delegates stayed on for a few days to enjoy this beautiful city. Some of them hiked up Table Mountain, including Bertil Palsson, from Sweden, and Gerhard Merkel from Germany. Bertil has sent me this photo taken at the summit near the upper cableway, and he writes:

"Hi Barry,
I’m sending you a photo proving that I and Gerhard Merkel managed to climb to the Table Mountain top. And, besides, someone had to carry the MEI logo to the top even this year.
It was tougher than I expected with large, uneven steps on the trail. But such a beautiful view when looking back during the climb.
Thanks for yet another well organised and interesting conference".

Bertil and Gerhard

Thank you Bertil, we appreciate your comments, and would like to hear of the experiences of any others who stayed on after the conference.

Only another 5 months before we are back for Comminution '18!

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