Sunday, 26 November 2017

Back to Cornwall and many old friends

Cape Town was wonderful, but it is always great to be back in Cornwall, and this weekend we have been in Newquay on the north coast for the Camborne School of Mines Association (CSMA) dinner dance. This was held at the imposing Edwardian Headland Hotel, overlooking the UK's major surfing beach, Fistral Beach. The Headland Hotel has a Gothic atmosphere and proved an ideal location for the 1990 movie of Roald Dahl's book The Witches.

The Headland Hotel
Fistral Beach, Newquay
We caught up with many old friends at last night's dinner, and breakfast this morning, including Nick and Felicity (Flee) Wilshaw, who were with us just over a week ago in Cape Town for Flotation '17. They will be back in Cape Town in April, as their company Grinding Solutions Ltd, is a sponsor of Comminution '18.

With Nick and Flee Wilshaw
Former students have traditionally had very close links with each other and with CSM, and the CSMA was formed for all former students and staff of the School to get together at occasions such as this one, not only in Cornwall, but in all parts of the globe.
The success of the Association has been due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the secretaries who have managed the events over the years. Linda Shimmield set up the Association in 1989 and was secretary until 1996 when she and her husband Mark left for Australia (they were both at this weekend's event, and fly back to Australia tonight!). Carol Richards looked after CSMA from 1996-1999, then Mary Shepherd from 1999-2005, after which Claire Yelland became the longest serving secretary until the present day. Sadly Claire has now decided to retire from the post and the search is now on for a successor. Whoever takes on the role will have very hard acts to follow!

Claire, Linda and Carol pictured 2 years ago in Truro
Claire and Mary this morning at the Headland
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