Sunday, 22 November 2015

Post-conference tours

Only two days ago we were freezing at the top of Table mountain, but today Barbara and I met up with Elsevier's Dean Eastbury for lunch in a hot and sunny Franschhoek. Dean is in the wine lands for a few days before flying off to Kosi Bay, the most northerly resort on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. It will be interesting to hear how his trip goes - in fact it would be interesting to hear from all Flotation '15 delegates who stayed on after the conference to experience the delights of this beautiful country.

We are in the wine lands for 6 nights, based in Wellington. Jon, Kathryn and Josephine are at the Cape Town Waterfront, while poor old Amanda is already back in the UK.  Not all leisure though- I will be working on my report on Flotation '15 this week, which I hope to publish a week tomorrow.

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