Friday, 2 November 2012

Hot journal article from University of Pretoria

Minerals Engineering is just one of about 2000 journals published by Elsevier. Around 250,000 articles are published each year in these journals.

So I must congratulate Simphiwe Chabalala and Evans Chirwa of the University of Pretoria, whose paper Removal of uranium(VI) under aerobic and anaerobic conditions using an indigenous mine consortium, was published in Volume 23 issue 6 (2010) of Minerals Engineering, a special issue on Biohydrometallurgy. Their paper was number 2 in Elsevier’s “Top Hottest Articles”, based on the number of downloads from ScienceDirect between April and June 2012 - an incredible 17,918 !

This is quite an achievement considering the number of medical and chemical journals published by Elsevier, so keep up the good work you two!

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