Monday, 19 November 2012

Book Review- Chemical Analysis in Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy

The following review has kindly been supplied by Prof. Fathi Habashi of Laval University, Canada:

Chemical Analysis in Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy, by R. Raghavan, ISBN 13-978-81-8209-327-0, published in 2012 by Vijay Nicole Imprints Private Limited, India.

This book is composed of 4 units:

[1] Process metallurgy and flowsheets (15% with respect to the number of pages)
[2] Test methods (36%)
[3] Test methods of process chemicals (36%)
[4] Chemists and metallurgists aid (12%).

In Unit 1, the author discusses briefly the extractive metallurgy of Al, Cd, Co, Cu, Pb, Ni, Ag, Zn, and Hg. In Unit 2, he discusses the analytical chemistry of 29 elements, plus bauxite and special slags. In Unit 3, the analysis of a variety of materials are discussed. They range from activated carbon to bleaching powder, and from cryolite to xanthates. Finally, Unit 4 is devoted to a collection of Tables on a variety of topics such as the properties of some elements, indicators for volumetric work, electromotive series, etc.

It is evident that the work is not intended for students but for practicing chemists working in metallurgical plants. However, such chemists will be involved only in certain industries such as copper plant, gold refinery, etc. It is doubtful therefore that a chemist in such operation will need all this information collected in this reference book. The book certainly reflects the experience of the author who holds a doctorate from the University of Udaipur in India and who worked in the zinc and other metallurgical industries. In summary, units 2 and 3 are of general use to practicing chemists.

We invite your comments on this review and on the book.

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