Friday, 3 July 2009

Quality conferences will prevail

I have had some interesting emails this week from the prestigious Ian Wark Research Institute in Australia, one of the world's leading flotation research institutes.

There is much competition for conferences at the moment, and Stephen Grano is of the opinion that quality conferences that have been around before the boom, such as the IMPC and MEI Conferences, will prevail.

This is borne out by an email from John Ralston, who is in charge of the technical programme for next year's IMPC in Brisbane. He has already received over 600 abstracts for this event, and has a "stellar" list of keynote speakers. It looks like being an event not to be missed. MEI, being a media sponsor, will be well represented.

The Wark are sending a large contingent to MEI's Flotation '09 in Cape Town in November. Flotation '07 two years ago was a major event, with exactly 100 abstracts submitted. To date we already have 90 abstracts, and this week we welcome our 6th major exhibitor, Outotec, so this year's conference is looking as if it will be at least as successful as its predecessor.

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