Sunday, 25 July 2021

Prof. Akbar Farzanegan

Sad news today from Iran of the death of Prof. Akbar Farzanegan, of the School of Mining Engineering, College of Engineering at the University of Tehran.

Prof. Farzanegan received his PhD degree from McGill University, Canada under the supervision of the late Professor André R. Laplante.

His main research was related to mineral processing and applying knowledge-based approach solutions such as population balance modelling and simulation, CFD and DEM numerical simulations to optimize performance of industrial plants. He attended two MEI Conferences, Comminution '06 and Comminution '08. At Comminution '08, when he was at the University of Kashan, he presented a paper "Integration of evolutionary optimization algorithms with a grinding circuit simulator".

Prof. Farzanegan (centre) at Comminution '08 in Falmouth

Our thought are with Akbar's family.


  1. RIP, highly appreciated Barry.
    He was an excellent and learned man at mineral and mining sphere of University of Tehran
    Mehdi Kiani Tehrani, Iran

  2. I was proud to be his student, Dr. Farzanegan was a full-fledged master's
    Rasoul Fatahi, Ilam Cement Co. Iran

  3. He was the supervisor of my PhD thesis. I learnt so much from him. His absence is a great loss.
    Mehdi Hadizadeh, Foolad Technic International Engineering Company, Iran

  4. It was a great loss. We did not know it was the last time we had a chance to participate in his class.he tried his best to finish the course he was teaching while getting sicker everyday. In the last days it was even hard for him to walk. And now we understand it was the last time
    Homa Rezaei, Horsan vasta parse holding; MS. Student at University of Tehran, Iran

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    My deep condolences to his family, Iranian and international mining and mineral processing societies. I met him once in Tehran just before leaving the country while he was friendly and very warmly interviewing me. Later, I enjoyed a lot reading his valuable articles specifically about modeling and simulation.
    Rohesh shad va yadash gerami (in Persian).
    Ahmad Hassanzadeh, Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd, UK

  6. Dr. Farzanegan was a kind-hearted supportive supervisor for me and some of my friends in our master's degree. I had the honor of passing several courses of Modelling and Simulation in Mineral Processing and also my final thesis with Dr. Farzanegan back in 2009 in Tehran University.
    He also supported me a lot through my higher education journey and his supports are unforgettable.

    My sincere condolences to his wife and the rest of his family.
    Rest in peace
    Vahid Hassanzadeh, University of Newcastle, Australia


  7. I was deeply saddened by the news of Prof Akbar Farzanegan death due to an illness. My heart felt condolences to his spouse, family, students and colleagues in the society of mineral processing engineering around the world.
    I was his student at the master's level and PhD from 2008 to 2019 and had many memories with him...
    God bless him 1960 - 2021
    Dr. Ali Ebtedaei, Iran

  8. Dr. Farzanegan was one of my advisors during my masters studies at the Tehran Polytechnic. I enjoyed working with him a lot. Dr. Farzanegan was among a very few if not the only one in Iran that focused his research primarily on modeling, simulation, and control in mineral processing. Dr. Farzanegan has authored very interesting and largely cited papers about the modeling topics in some of the outstanding peer-reviewed journals. He was a creative researcher and a passionate teacher. I still refer to the notes I took in his modeling and simulation class back in 2005. He was a compassionate teacher, a thorough and diligent researcher, and above all an incredible human being. He will be dearly missed by his colleagues and students. Samira Rashidi


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