Friday, 23 July 2021

First announcement: Sustainable Minerals '22

The 4th Industrial revolution and the fight against climate change is straining the sustainable use of the Earth’s natural resources due to modern society’s extensive use of metals, materials and products. 

An astute and conscious application and use of metals, materials and products supported by the reuse and recycling of these materials and end-of-life products is imperative to the preservation of the Earth’s resources. The realisation of the ambitions of sustainable use of resources demands that the different disciplines of the material and consumer product system are connected and harmonised, and this was evident in the very encouraging response to Sustainable Minerals '21, the 6th MEI Conference in the series, and the first to be online. 

As much research effort is being put into sustainable mining and processing, it was decided that this series should become an annual event, so Sustainable Minerals '22 is now open for abstract submission.

If your company is committed to sustainability and responsible mining we invite you to sponsor the event and join our early sponsor Zeiss.  We also thank our media partner International Mining, and industry advocates CEEC, the Critical Minerals Association and Cornwall Mining Alliance.

Conference updates will be at #SustainableMinerals22.


  1. It is a most welcome decision and definitely "need of times"--such holistic change and look will lead to interdisciplinary approach. For "sustainable development" of mineral industry MEI is bound to be a successful forum.
    I am sure many would join in you endeavour and I personally feel happy and compliment you--wish you and your Team all the success.


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