Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Sustainable Minerals '21 is only 5 days away

A reminder that Sustainable Minerals '21, a conference of vital importance to the minerals industry, and to society in general, begins on Monday. This is MEI's 6th International Symposium on Sustainable Minerals and is organised in consultation with Prof. Markus Reuter and sponsored by FLSmidth. Our Media Partner is International Mining, and our Industry Advocates are the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC), the Cornwall Mining Alliance and the Critical Minerals Association.

Full details can be found on the posting of 23rd May, and registration details are on the conference website.

Sit back in the comfort of your own homes and offices next week, for 4 days of international presentations, including 3 keynote lectures and a panel discussion on "What are the limits to achieving a circular economy?".


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  1. Let me make my general comments on all aspects being discussed.I am really happy that the portfolio of topics the professionals are discussing these days has expanded--augurs well because we have been going around on only limited aspects like flotation, grinding, and a few.Now, the discussions are more on sustainability, circular economy, waste recycling, etc--this warms my heart.
    Now we have to interact more with "metal extraction professionals" to sensitize them that innovation is needed at their end also to move faster on "sustainable" mineral exploitation.In any of these topics of discussion,,  conventional processing techniques make use of characteristics of minerals, such as size, sp. gravity, surface properties, and charges thereof are used. We have enough expertise in each of these operations. The trick in all the aspects of "sustainability. waste utilization (including electronic) etc" is how to use "inherent properties and how to manipulate these by using reagents, heat treatment, or chemicals.So an integrated approach and metallurgists coming out with innovative techniques in extracting elements from the product a mineral engineer gives is the "vital factor" for us to get that circular economy.
    Please give your opinions on this thought process.
    Barry. keep at it and we are sure to see good days to the mineral industry thus helping the society to keep getting minerals for the growth of society.


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