Thursday, 3 June 2021

Biomining '21 is only 4 days away

A reminder to all of you who have an interest in the mining industry's use of biotechnology that Biomining '21, MEI's 10th International biomining conference, and the first to be completely online, begins on Monday.

Full details can be found on the posting of 3rd May, and registration details are on the conference website.

Sit back in the comfort of your own homes and offices next week, for 4 days of international presentations and a panel discussion on the future of biomining.


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  1. I wish the forthcoming event is of vital importance == let me take "BIO"  in a broader perspective. It encompasses all plant species of nature. The soil comes from the rocks beneath and so I feel not enough attention is paid by mineral engineers to interact more closely with bio-scientists. I am sure the type of trees, plants must be having some correlation with ore deposits beneath. We have global data on plants and ore deposits--hope an Interdisciplinary Team looks at this more deeply.We know water droplets do not wet a lotus leaf and so something in that leaf is hydrophobic--these are the kind of things that prompted me to write these comments.We definitely need more fundamental inputs from biosciences so that our operations become more environmentally acceptable.I am open to contradiction on the above.


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