Monday, 5 October 2020

Join us in Cape Town in April for Comminution '21

This conference is now an online event

Comminution '21 is 6 months away, and it is impossible to predict what the world will be like then. Will the new normal be with us, will we be back to the old normal, or will we still be at the mercy of Covid-19?  Nobody knows, so aiming to be positive and planning for an optimistic outcome, Cape Town in April is still very much on our programme for next year, and we must thank our sponsors who have been very supportive.

So we press on, and we would like to invite all comminution practitioners to consider submitting abstracts to Comminution '21, the deadline being 31st October.

Updates are at #Comminution21

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  1. Barry, the signals are encouraging; I am sure and hopeful, as you mentioned, we will get back to normal by the time the event nears--I am sure it would have different flavour apart from high technical content--the events across the globe would be discussed and more value for environment and association with people will surely be talked with passion during the breaks you must be planning.
    MAY ALL BE WELL WITH GREATER PARTICIPATION with a new era of mineral engineering.


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