Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Cape Cornwall to Land's End

This is a wonderful 6 mile walk, the last stretch of Cornwall's north coast footpath before it curves back along the south coast to follow the English Channel.

Cape Cornwall, the headland near the town of St. Just, was once thought to be the most south westerly point of mainland Britain, but this is in fact Land's End. On the headland is a distinctive chimney of a mid-19th century tin mine, which was retained as an aid to navigation, no other trace of the mine remaining.

Cape Cornwall

The first few miles are typical of the rugged north coast footpath, on undulating rocky terrain with a few scrambles needed, but all the way there are lovely views back to Cape Cornwall. 

Looking back to Cape Cornwall

This section of coastline is totally unspoiled and from the coastal path there is no sign of civilisation, with very few other walkers, but all this changes at the beautiful golden sands of Sennen Cove, a haven for surfers, facing west with America the next stop across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sennen Cove

Leaving Sennen

The final mile from Sennen Cove to Land's End is easy, along a wide path that gently curves over the top of the cliffs. This is a very popular part of the South-West Coast Path and attracts the less experienced hikers, families and dog walkers.

Looking back to distant Cape Cornwall

The number of tourists increases as the 19th century Longships Lighthouse comes into view and then the First and Last Refreshment House, truly the most South Westerly point of mainland England. 
Distant Land's End and the Longships islets and lighthouse

Arriving at Land's End

The Land's End of the tourists

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  1. Barry,
    Apart from your knowledge of and service to Mineral Engineering, your love to "take walks and describe the beauty of Cornwall is of great value to the Tourist Dept of Cornwall--hope they are reading your Blogs.
    Keep them coming--

  2. Hello Barry,

    The Sagres Point at Cabo da Roca in SW Portugal is the last point in Europe before the USA known by the Romans as "The End of the World"! It is vey rugged coast line like your beloved Cornwall and good for hiking for those inclined to do so, and a very spiritual place at sun set. Cheers ,Tony

    1. Thanks Tony. I must try to get there sometime. Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe that I have not visited

  3. Barry, this walk to Land's End is spectacular--your and Barbara's love of history and the landscape is awesome and tops every travel log!!

    1. Thanks Donna and TC. The Cornish coast path sure takes some beating!

  4. Thanks for reminding me Barry. I have walked it many times, but nor for ages, and should really do it again while my knees still work. Stunning scenery.


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