Monday, 24 August 2020

Digital Transformation in Mining Plant Operations

We are pleased to announce that the first keynote lecturer at MEI's new conference Integration, Optimisation & Design of Mineral Processing Circuits '21 (IntegratedMinPro '21) will be Dr. Osvaldo A. Bascur, Principal, OSB Digital, LLC., USA. Osvaldo is a well known figure at international conferences, and was a recipient of the SME's prestigious Antoine Gaudin Award in 2014. In 2017 Osvaldo was the subject of one of the MEI interviews.

At IntegratedMinPro '21 in Falmouth next June, Osvaldo will show in his keynote Digital Transformation in Mining Plant Operations that current grinding and flotation sensors provide large amounts of data for process optimization. As ores are becoming extremely variable, with mineralogy and hardness disturbing the grinding and flotation circuits, adding the right context and operational events enables augmentation of operational knowledge to allow proactive actions for improving the performance of the crushing, grinding, flotation and thickening/filtration circuits.

IntegratedMinPro '21, a 2-day conference, will immediately follow Physical Separation '21, the 7th conference in the series, and now over 3-days. There are calls for abstracts for both conferences, which should be submitted by the end of December.

Updates can be found at #IntegratedMinPro21 and #PhysicalSeparation21.


  1. Very relevant and exciting Topics and Events linedup--I am particularly happy to note that those working in processing and controls will incorporate changes in ore characteristics into their total systems.
    A holistic view-staring from ore character entering the plant, design and operating parameters of units and their inter-dependence have to be fully understood and integrated--that is the future challenge--your information may set the trend for future developments.
    I am sure the events planned will have large participants and discussions would make new road maps for R@D--our mineral industry badly needs a quantum jump in all directions--exploration to extraction to environment--a TOTAL PACKAGE
    Keep informing us of these "curtain raisers" we can look forward after the present gloom and deep damage to humanity across the globe .
    Best wishes to all.

  2. Should be an interesting keynote-looking forward to it
    Steve Flatman, Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd, UK

  3. Looking forward to your keynote and learn more about your unique digital transformation journey
    Barun Gorain, ORE2METAL Inc., Canada


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