Monday, 20 July 2020

Good news from Australia: 2020 CEEC medal recipients, and Glencore's Covid philanthropy

Two standout research and field work contributions have been awarded the highly respected CEEC Medal for 2020.
CEEC Director and Medal Evaluation Committee Chair Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic said this year’s nominations reflected industry trends to install renewables, consider embodied energy and emissions, and the continued embracing of technologies such as pre-concentration and coarse flotation.
The 2020 recipients are:
For Operations: Peter Lind and Kevin Murray of Biohydromet '21 sponsor Newmont and Alan Boylston and Isaias Arce of Comminution '21 sponsor Metso Outotec, (formerly Metso), for their paper titled “Reducing Energy and Water Consumption through Alternative Comminution Circuits”. This was presented at the 7th SAG Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2019.
For Technical Research: Dr Grant Ballantyne, for his paper titled “Quantifying the Additional Energy Consumed by Ancillary Equipment and Embodied in Grinding Media in Comminution Circuits”. This was also presented at the 7th SAG Conference in Vancouver.
Dr Ballantyne, previously a senior research fellow at the JKMRC and now with Ausenco, was the recipient of the 2017 MEI Young Person's Award. He is also an assistant editor for Minerals Engineering. He acknowledged the inspiration and collaboration of Chris Greet (Magotteaux), Evert Lessing (formerly Weir), Malcolm Powell (formerly The University of Queensland) and Greg Lane (Ausenco) for contributing expert input and data to the work.
Grant Ballantyne awarded with the MEI Young Person's Award at Comminution '18
In addition to the two CEEC Medals awarded in 2020, three publications received High Commendations.
Ben Adair, Luke Keeney, and Michael Scott from CRC ORE, and David King from Minera San Cristóbal operations, for their paper titled "Gangue rejection in practice - the implementation of Grade Engineering® at the Minera San Cristóbal Site". This was presented at Physical Separation '19, Falmouth, Cornwall.
Malcolm Powell, Ceren Bozbay, Sarma Kanchibotla, Benjamin Bonfils, Anand Musunuri, Vladimir Jokovic, Marko Hilden, Jace Young and Emrah Yalcin, for their article titled "Advanced Mine-to-Mill Used to Unlock SABC Capacity at the Barrick Cortez Mine". This was presented at the 7th SAG Conference in Vancouver.
Paul Shelley and Ignacio Molina (Molycop) and Dimitrios Patsikatheodorou (Westgold Resources), for their paper titled "SAG mill optimization insights by measuring inside the mill". This was presented at the Procemin-Geomet Conference in Santiago, Chile in 2019.
Full details of the awards are available on the CEEC website and nominations for the 2021 CEEC Medal are now open, the closing date for submissions being 30 October 2021.

And more good news from Australia: Comminution '21 sponsor Glencore has provided a $725,000 funding injection to the University of Queensland’s efforts to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.
UQ’s ‘Molecular Clamp’ project uses technology that ensures the vaccine induces an immune response that recognises and then neutralises the virus.
Glencore’s funding comes from the company’s Community Support Fund, set up earlier this year to assist communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, Glencore contributed more than $6.4 billion to Queensland’s economy, providing employment for about 9,230 people across its coal, copper and zinc mining operations.

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  1. Good to read all those Awardees--my hearty congratulation.
    It is a proud moment to me that University of Queensland appears a couple of times--being a product of that University in 1965, I really admire the great work being carried out across all fields--particularly now on this dreadful virus.
    As academicians, we have to thank all those from industry for their liberal support--hope more comes and we deliver intime,with passion and contribute towards the growth of society across the globe.
    Good to see you Grant--keep it up
    Barry, the whole Blog reads so encouraging and I hope it is a curtain raiser for GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN


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