Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Announcing Metso Outotec, a major new company in the minerals industry

Metso and Outotec have been two of the most well known major international companies serving the equipment and services needs of the minerals industry. They have represented MEI Conferences over the years, both as sponsors and exhibitors.
Jimmy Loucas and Angie Voges (right) of Outotec, with MEI's Amanda Wills at Comminution '18
Pauline Choshane and MEI's Jon seal agreement on Metso's sponsorship of Comminution '21 at Flotation'19
After a partial demerger Metso Outotec, a unique new company with leadership in sustainable minerals and metals processing and recycling technologies begins its operations today. Headquartered in Finland, Metso Outotec employs over 15,000 professionals in more than 50 countries. After the partial demerger Metso Flow Control becomes a focused standalone flow control company, Neles Corporation.
More details on the merger can be found here, and we look forward to welcoming Metso Outotec to future MEI Conferences.

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  1. Both made their distinct mark in the area of mineral engineering and coal preparation with new technologies and equipments; their contribution is indeed phenomenal in terms of "pushing frontiers" in our area.
    Let us all look forward to future with major shifts towards "sustainable" practices'. The word sustainable is far reaching and has multidimensional aspects--compact flowsheets/energy and water conservation/zero values in tailings/zero waste i.e. full use of tailings for some other purposes; above all practices acceptable to society.
    Their support to Conferences are always substantial and hope they continue to support in future also.


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