Sunday, 29 March 2020

Memories of Flotation 2000

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Flotation '19 was MEI's last conference for the foreseeable future, and was the 9th in the series, which began 20 years ago today, in Adelaide, Australia.
Flotation 2000 was organised at the suggestion of Dr. Stephen Grano, then with the Ian Wark Research Institute (IWRI) and was the first conference organised solely by MEI, but in association with the IWRI and the JKMRC.
Sponsorship was provided by Amdel, AMIRA, Baker Process and CSIRO. Held at the Adelaide Hilton, the conference attracted 170 delegates from 17 countries, then our biggest event to date- a foretaste of the events to come, with Flotation '19 being our biggest ever conference, with 293 delegates from 33 countries.
The photos below were taken during the conference and at the wine tasting function at Amdel's laboratories and pilot plant. You might spot a few familiar people, some of whom have been regular attendees at the series through the years, including Graeme Jameson, Dariusz Lelinski and the late Dee Bradshaw.
Photos taken during the conference
At the wine tasting function at Amdel headquarters


  1. Who is that good-looking guy 3rd photo down on left with a big smile on his face?
    Stephen Gay, MIDAS Tech International, Australia

    1. Not sure Stephen, but he is certainly smiling


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