Thursday, 19 March 2020

Cornish Mining Sundowners cancelled until further notice

The Coronavirus, COVID-19, is having a massive effect on people's lives worldwide. Only a week ago we postponed Comminution '20, and a few days later Biomining '20 and Sustainable Minerals '20, and many more international conferences have been, or will be, postponed or cancelled in the near future.
Countries around the world have different ways of dealing with the virus. Italy, the worst affected European country, was the first to go into complete lock-down. The UK government’s controversial strategy to minimise the impact of COVID-19 is to allow the virus to pass through much of the population so that we acquire herd immunity, but at a much delayed speed so that those who suffer the most acute symptoms are able to receive the medical support they need, and such that the health service is not overwhelmed and crushed by the sheer number of cases it has to treat at any one time.
Current advice is to avoid public places, such as pubs and restaurants, so it was inevitable that I had to cancel tonight's sundowner in Penzance, and I have advised all the regular attendees that future sundowners are cancelled until further notice.


  1. Reading what you wrote, I am just wondering whether it is proper time to look at "health issues" related to persons working in mineral industry.
    May be comments and observations along with areas in which more work is to be done to ensure that diagnosis in time and kind of new practices to be followed and any new safety devises to be developed to ensure best conditions for this Sector may be relooked.
    I know mine safety is mandatory but I wonder whether health(causes and or they mineral based) may be of value.
    I am not sure whether our Blog is the right place.

  2. I am not sure how to answer this TC. Maybe others can help

  3. Hi Barry, A big issue is what shape we will return to, and when, in a "normal" lifestyle and global economy post-virus. The Saturday paper from Toronto had an article about what the mining industry is doing - for the short term at least (shutdowns, layoffs etc.) - and we can all see the metal prices have taken a big hit. How long for the metal demand (and work in the mining sector) to recover? I think this might be a big question.

    1. A big question with no short answer, Norm. Whatever happens I feel we are in this for the long haul and when we eventually come out of it, it will be to a very different world.


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