Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The MEI Blog: 10 years old today

Just over 10 years ago, when Jon suggested that MEI should have a blog, I had to Google to find out what a blog was. It sounded like a good idea, but I didn't take it too seriously, and the first posting, reporting the rare sight of snow in Falmouth, was published 10 years ago today, to an audience of absolutely zero. I persevered and gradually the page views increased, soon to 100, then with champagne corks popping when we reached 1000 per month!  Hard to believe that 10 years on page views are consistently over 20,000 per month, and writing the posts has now become a major part of my journalistic life.
I have to say that I have found it a very rewarding endeavour; I have learned a lot by my researches and from the interactive comments received via the postings. I have particularly enjoyed writing about and photographing people, and in doing so have caught up with many old friends and colleagues from the past. I also greatly appreciate the (mostly) positive comments that I receive verbally when travelling around the world, and that many of you appreciate the travelogues that I often publish after these visits.
I never know what to expect when I publish a post. Some that I think will generate much interest don't, and some go through the roof with no real apparent reason (to me anyway).
Here is a list of the 10 most popular posts to date:
Number 1 is Are these WASET conferences just a scam?, published on April 28th, 2013, which now has almost 54,000 views, and 120 comments.
Following this are:
Return to Chingola (12th August 2012)

I hope to be blogging for at least the next 10 years, and as always please do add your comments, which I greatly appreciate.

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  1. Happy birthday to The MEI Blog! Thanks for the great effort Barry. I've only been following your blog for the last few years, but enjoy it a lot. Keeps me in touch with the world of min pro and Cornwall (as a former Camborner).

    1. Thanks Stephen. Hope you are well- not seen you for many years, but good to hear that you keep in touch via the blog

  2. Barry--my compliments. First let me say"thank you Jon" for thinking of a Blog(so you are indeed a person who had a vision on how to bring our community of mineral engineers together) and that too for suggesting to a right person like Barry.
    Barry, the good part is that you did not take this as another thing to do; you say you enjoyed but many like me not only enjoyed but learnt a lot and got a unique platform to express freely.You have always been keeping us posted on what is happening in our field , laced with nice pictures ,and brought many of us very close professionally.
    I do not know whether other professional fields have such a Blog, but for a little know field like "mineral engineering" you brought a global presence and staring from earlier generation like me to the upcoming youngsters, you have been a great motivator. You have also been making sure that there is a good Team with you to take good care of present and future.
    Jon to Barry to---thank you, thank you and th---.
    Let us all look forward to more exciting times through your Blog.
    Cheers--presently ten times and look forward to Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

    1. Thanks TC, and for your continued interest in the blog. If there are to be Golden Jubilee celebrations, I can assure you that it will not be me writing the posts!

  3. Keep up the good work Barry-I not only enjoy reading your blog but often learn from it as well
    Steve Flatman, Maelgwyn Mineral Services, UK (via Twitter)

    1. Many thanks Steve. Good to see you and Mike at the last sundowner in Falmouth

  4. Barry, May I thank you for allowing me to be part of the MEI site. I regularly read the voyages of discovery at home in Cornwall and abroad. Keep the white cross with a black background flying high for you like me have many former students - usually now overseas - that keep us afloat. May I wish you both continued explorations and success.
    Kindest regards,
    Alan (Rogers)
    PS Good news about the £I million grant to the opening of lithium mining at South Crofty. It will boost employment rates in hard rock mining but much training of youngsters will be needed!

    1. Many thanks Alan. And keep the Kernow flag flying via your articles in the Borneo Sunday Post

  5. Happy anniversary MEI.
    Thank you Barry and the MEI team.
    I turn to the blog to keep in touch with happenings in the Mineral processing world.
    A former colleague used to view MEI regularly and formed a part of the work week.
    I look forward to many more years of posts..


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