Sunday, 24 February 2019

Sunday morning in Denver

Good to be back in Denver, my favourite American city, for the SME Annual Meeting, which commences late afternoon.

Due to the 7 hour time difference I was up and about early this morning, and after a great all-American breakfast I was out into a clear, crisp Colorado day, with a temperature of minus 6C, 15 degrees lower than what I left behind in UK.

I am always on the look out for the first spotting of a mineral processor, at least one that I recognise, or who recognises me, and this year it was Rob Dunne, who I caught up with in the SME Bookstore. Rob is the managing editor of the new SME Mineral Processing Handbook, which will be launched tomorrow.

I am here, as always, to network and to find out what people are up to, so I have no real agenda for the next few days. I will publish a report on news of people and innovations next Monday, and will submit daily updates on Twitter. I invite you to view my tweets by following me on Twitter, or just click on the link below.

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  1. Looking forward to your comments, Barry.
    Denver, apart being a beautiful city, brings "flotation(cells)"into memory of many of my generation.


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