Monday, 22 October 2018

Welcoming two new sponsors for Physical Separation '19: TOMRA and Outotec

We are pleased to announce that Outotec is to sponsor an MEI Physical Separation conference for the first time. The giant international company has regularly supported MEI Conferences, and is a current sponsor for next year's Flotation '19.
TOMRA Sorting Solutions is sponsoring the Physical Separation series for the 4th time. TOMRA, like our other ore sorting sponsor Steinert, is a world leader in automated ore sorting, a technology which is increasing in importance as a means of reducing energy and water requirements in mineral processing flowsheets (see also posting of 22nd July 2018). Only last month TOMRA announced the introduction of a large new X-ray sorter (MEI Online).
It is great to have these two important companies involved in Physical Separation '19 next year, but it was sad to hear last week that Wolf Minerals, who had agreed to sponsor the conference only a few weeks ago (posting of 1st October) has had to close its Drakelands tungsten-tin mine in Devon, and Wolf Minerals (UK) has ceased trading. So unfortunately there will be no post-conference tour of the mine at Hemerdon, as previously announced.
The latest updates on Physical Separation '19 can be found at #PhysicalSeparation19.
Current Physical Separation '19 sponsors
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  1. Let me thank the sponsors of such an important event.
    Outotec ,India(Mr.Purohit) always comes forward in supporting our IIME annual Meets.
    Let me express some of my other opinions on these matters.Without these sponsors, all our academic activities may not get public platforms to present and discuss and occasions to interact personally would not be possible.
    I wish major mineral industries also adopt these activities apart from equipment manufacturers alone. We in teaching and research have to play an active and positive role to make those in industry to feel more enthused to do so.
    I do not want anybody to read anything in between lines(because there is nothing) and it only shows how thankful our academic community are for these events to take place.


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