Thursday, 25 October 2018

Kemtec and ME Elecmetal: the latest companies to confirm sponsorship of MEI Conferences

We are pleased to welcome back Kemtec as a sponsor of Flotation '19. Kemtec is a relatively new Australian company, specialising in flotation reagents, who sponsored Flotation '17, their first involvement with an MEI Conference (posting of 18th February 2017).
ME Elecmetal is an American company which was represented for the first time at an MEI Conference earlier this year at Comminution '18. They were obviously impressed with the conference, as they are now one of the sponsors for Comminution '20.
There is a lot to be gained by sponsorship of an MEI Conference, so why not join the elite band of companies who are involved with our upcoming events:
From a presenter's perspective, it was a pleasure being able to provide a talk to an interested and engaged audience (at Flotation ’17). From a booth exhibitor's perspective, we had a constant influx of visitors which made the long trip (and expense) over to Cape Town that much more worthwhile. Nice to have such a conference dedicated solely to flotation with a strong technical program which  included plenty of networking time with old friends, new friends, colleagues, and perspective customers. Thanks again.
Jaisen Kohmuench, Managing Director, Eriez Australia
The MEI Flotation Conference is the Davos of the flotation industry. Whereas world leaders go to Switzerland, our customers come to Cape Town. For a small business, based in South Africa, this marketing opportunity is like platinum dust.
Nick Sessions, eDart, South Africa
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  1. Good to see many companies coming forward to support Conferences; I am glad that industry is driving us so that we can work on application of new machines and reagents to improve our operations.


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