Sunday, 3 June 2018

MEI Award winner Grant Ballantyne proving his worth!

It was good to hear that the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) has been awarded an AUS$469,000, three-year funding agreement with the Queensland Government and METS Ignited (an Australian Government Industry Growth Centre) to roll out their latest offering – the CEEC Advanced Energy Curves Project (MEI Online). And particularly good to hear that JKMRC's Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Grant Ballantyne, will lead the energy curves enhancement work.
Members of the CEEC Advanced Energy Curves Project team:
Neville Plint, Director of JKMRC's Sustainable Minerals Institute;
Alison Keogh, CEEC CEO; Tim-Napier-Munn, Emeritus Prof of JKMRC;
Grant Ballantyne and Alice Clark, Director of SMI Production Centres
Grant has played the principal role in the development of the internationally-supported comminution energy curve tool which is widely used by industry for energy benchmarking and the optimisation of comminution circuits. This novel tool incorporates data from nearly 60% of world copper operations, over 30% of world gold operations, and significant proportions of other commodities.
Only a couple of month's ago Grant was the recipient of the 2017 MEI Young Person's Award for his endeavours, and it is great to see that our confidence in him has been justified.
The CEEC is an Industry Advocate for three upcoming MEI Conferences, Sustainable Minerals '18, Physical Separation '19 and Comminution '20.
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