Thursday, 1 February 2018

We welcome iMin Solutions Ltd as a sponsor of Process Mineralogy '18

In 2014 we welcomed a new sponsor to the Process Mineralogy series of conferences,  Melbourne based MinAssist, a progressive young company offering services to the minerals industry in the interpretation of mineralogical information. MinAssist was founded by Dr. Will Goodall, who was involved with Brisbane-based Intellection in the early days of QEMSCAN technology, as was one of our keynote speakers at Process Mineralogy '18, Prof. Alan Butcher.

Will Goodall and Zeiss's Al Cropp at Process Mineralogy '14

At Process Mineralogy '17 another progressive young company joined us as a sponsor, Cornwall's Petrolab, led by James Strongman.

Petrolab's Chris Brough and James Strongman, with Alan Butcher, at Process Mineralogy '17

In 2015 Will and James teamed up to form iMin Solutions Ltd, with the aim of bringing greater mineralogical capability directly to the mine site and mineral processing plant, and we welcome this collaborative company as a sponsor of Process Mineralogy '18. iMin Solutions is also teamed up with fellow conference sponsor ZEISS, working to provide end to end data interpretation and analytical solutions for mine sites, and Petrolab developing technology specifically for automated mineralogy based applications on the mine site and in the laboratory.
Current Process Mineralogy '18 sponsors

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  1. Mineralogy is the most basic and the first exhaustive study to be done from all stages of exploration to exploitation of minerals.
    It is unfortunate that this specialisation and its application is most neglected and even many Teaching Institutes are not giving enough importance to this in mining/mineral courses.
    I am extremely happy that this even is going to be held and some Organisations are coming forward to support and experts are going to deliver lectures.
    All the best.


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