Friday, 16 February 2018

Memories of Comminution '98

The 11th in the series of international comminution conferences, Comminution '18, begins in Cape Town in 2 months' time. The first in the series was held 29 years ago at the School of Mines in Camborne, and the only available photo is that below. Can anyone supply any names?
Barry Wills (centre) and Phil Newall (2nd right) of CSM, with Trelleborg delegates at Comminution '89
The 2nd in the series commenced 20 years ago today in Brisbane, Australia. Organised by CSM Associates, Camborne School of Mines, Minerals Engineering journal, Mining Journal Ltd, the JKMRC, and the Comminution Center, University of Utah, it was sponsored by Eriez Magnetics, Australia and Warman International. Below are a few photos taken at the event.
Peter King, BW and Tim Napier-Munn

John Mosher and friend, Jannie van Deventer, BW and J-P Franzidis

With Barbara Wills, Joan Oliver of CSM Associates, and
Linda Shimmield, secretary of CSM Association
 Twitter @barrywills

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  1. I can supply Barry Will's name in the first one ---no problem.
    First conference to now==a So much research and new machines etc etc. long and exciting journey.
    But let me reflect my thoughts with my limited new knowledge. we still have to have a test to know which comminution machine to select(with confidence, based on solid numbers, for the most economical operation with minimum power consumption for a given ore.Is it conventional ball mill/sag mill/HPGR?
    We some how not integrated comminution with classification.For me it is important in practice. Mill gets new feed but eventually it is the circulating load in a closed circuit which has different size distribution and larger in tonnage than new feed , which dictates the total performance.
    Similarly we have to be aware of performance of crushing to fully understand milling operations. So, I hope. in future we move towards "size preparation" as a total one frame with "beneficiation operation" as another frame ;this way we may help industry and also take our mineral engineering studies and research to move towards getting a holistic picture.
    My apologies if I have confused the issue because I face this fact whenever I have discussions with practicing persons.
    I am aware of "simulation packages" but I want to forget about them in this discussion.
    Our mineral engineering is a highly exciting subject with so many unknowns--a great opportunity to new generation researchers.
    All the best to the forth coming event.
    Keep at it Barry, the Flag Bearer


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