Friday, 28 July 2017

Memories of Minerals Engineering '97

Minerals Engineering '97 began 20 years ago today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santiago, Chile. The first, and only, of the Minerals Engineering series to be held in South America, it was organised by CSMA Minerals Ltd, Minerals Engineering journal, Camborne School of Mines, and the Universities of Chile, Santa Maria and Concepcion. The sole sponsor was Hazen Research, USA.
Unfortunately no report on the event remains, and the only two photos in the MEI archives are those below:
The conference dinner, with Jim Finch, Jan Cilliers and Eileen Barfuss

Wine tasting in the Casablanca Valley with Richard Williams (left) and Todd Harvey (right)
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  1. What a Historical beginning -- bless all who thought of and had the vision and confidence to start M.E. when mineral engn was not even herd of much, in terms of research in particular.
    Barry, even those two photos are good to know the history in the making.
    I hope you remember both the liquid and solid diets which added to your decision making.

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts TC. Actually the Santiago conference was not the first in the series of Minerals Engineering conferences. They started 6 years earlier with Minerals Engineering '91 in Singapore. And I think you will find that there was much research taking place in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy decades before that.


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