Saturday, 26 March 2016

Twenty years on- the first Falmouth Biotech conference

In three months' time MEI's 8th Biohydrometallurgy conference begins in Falmouth. One of our consultants to this conference is Prof. Sue Harrison, and she, and her strong team from the University of Cape Town, will be co-authoring seven papers at the conference.
Sue was also a delegate at the first biohydrometallurgy conference in Falmouth, which began 20 years ago yesterday. Biotech '96 was attended by 40 mineral processors and biologists from 17 countries, representing North and South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, India and Japan.
In those pre-blog days I took very few photos at conferences, but one that has survived is shown below. It was taken on the second evening of the conference at Falmouth's Seafood Bar, and left to right are Jim Watson (UK), me, John Wells (Chile), Barbara, Sue Harrison (South Africa), Jan Cilliers (UK), Frank Crundwell (South Africa) and Andy Sarosi (UK).
I don't remember a great deal of the conference, but it would be great if those of you who attended could share your memories.

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