Thursday, 31 December 2015

Cape Town: a hotspot for process mineralogy

Dr Megan Becker, MEI's consultant to Process Mineralogy '17, has emailed this great photo of delegates and lecturers at last month's University of Cape Town Continuing Professional Development Process Mineralogy short course.
Delegates representing a variety of disciplines, ages, nationalities (including 4 different continents) and experience were all challenged to engage with process mineralogy from a ‘new perspective’. This is the 10th anniversary of the course which was first run in 2005 - and which has continuously evolved and further developed into a unique problem based learning experience facilitated by Megan and Prof Dee Bradshaw. The course includes various interactive discussions; physically identifying rocks and minerals; working with, reporting and presenting process mineralogy data; over and above traditional lectures. The course culminated in a final session facilitated by special guest lecturer Dr Robert Schouwstra, on ‘Where to now, armed with process mineralogy?’ which prompted responses such as ‘I’m going to spend more time with the mineralogists on site (actually we share an office)’. Dr. Schouwstra was a keynote lecturer at Process Mineralogy '10, also in Cape Town.
Due to popular demand, the course will be run again in mid-2016. Details can be obtained from Dr. Becker who thanked MEI for our support and for MEI Online through which some of the European delegates found details of the course. Even though the mining industry may be under pressure at present, Megan notes there is still a positive indication of clear enthusiasm in recognising the valuable role which process mineralogy plays right through the minerals beneficiation flowsheet.

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  1. Which is the best way to treat oxidized PGMs in a flotation, do they require to be p retreated with some reagents before main flotation process?


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