Thursday, 29 October 2015

8th edition of Mineral Processing Technology now available

I am pleased to report that the 8th edition of Mineral Processing Technology is now in print, and can be ordered via the Elsevier website (use Promotion Code ATR30 to obtain a 30% discount).

This is a major update of the book, which first appeared in 1979, and I thank Prof. Jim Finch and his team at McGill University, Canada for continuing the fine work that Prof. Tim Napier-Munn's group at the JKMRC in Australia put into producing the 7th edition nine years ago. Jim and I will be presenting two signed copies of the book to the best student poster presentations at Flotation '15.

Jim and I would also like to acknowledge all those who helped prepare this new edition. Two people made the book possible and worked with Jim throughout and thus deserve to be noted first: Dr. Jarrett Quinn who handled much of the correspondence, as well as managing many of the Chapters, and Dr. Yue Hua Tan who contributed all the artwork, re-drawing the originals and creating the new, and organised the supporting documentation and spreadsheets.

It was apparent from the start that assistance from experts in the various aspects covered by the book was going to be required for it to be brought up to date. Most of Jim's requests for assistance were enthusiastically met and knowing the time and effort involved we are most grateful for the help, and the book has benefitted accordingly. In alphabetical order the contributors are:

Bittner, J. (Separation Technolgies), Bouchard, J. (Université Laval), Boucher, D. (McGill University), Brissette, M. (Corem), Bulled, D. (SGS Canada), Cappuccitti, F. (Flottec), Cunningham, R. (Met-Chem), Demers, I. (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue), Doll, A. (Alex G Doll Consulting), Emad, M. (McGill University), Flament, F. (Triple Point Technology), Gilroy, T. (McGill University), Grammatikopoulos, T. (SGS Canada), Hart, B. (Surface Science Western), Jordens, A. (McGill University), Krishnamoorthy, N. (McGill University), Lotter, N. (XPS Consulting & Testwork Services), Major, K. (KMW Consulting), Maldonado, M. (Universidad de Santiago), Marcuson, S. (Marcuson and Associates), McIvor, R. (Metcom Technologies), Mitri, H. (McGill University), Morrell, S. (SMC Testing), Nesset, J. (NesseTech Consulting Services), O’Keefe, C. (CiDRA), Pax, R. (RAP Innovation and Development), Robben. C. (TOMRA Sorting), Schaffer, M. (Portage Technologies), Singh, N. (McGill University), Sosa, C. (SGS Canada), Sovechles, J. (McGill University), Smart, R. (University of South Australia), Waters, K. (McGill University), Williams-Jones, A. (McGill University).

The book could not have been completed without financial and logistical support. Thanks go to the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for the funding to support the McGill team; and to McGill University for the time to devote to the book and the use of the facilities.

Last but never least, Jim would like to thank Lois, his wife of 42 years, for putting up with what grew to occupy most of his time over the past 2 years.


  1. Could you tell me if it will be on sale at Flotation '15? I would like a signed copy

    1. No, unfortunately Elsevier are unable to ship books in bulk to Cape Town. However if you purchase a copy (see MEI Online Prof. Finch and I will be more than happy to sign your copy

  2. It would be a good idea to sell it in epub and kindle versions as well. It will save us some space and less weight to carry around.

    1. It might be worth checking on Amazon, Maziar. The 7th edition was available on Kindle, so maybe the 8th is also

    2. Yes, the kindle version is on Amazon.

  3. Congratulations. I have old copy. Thanks --Regards Sivarao

  4. How may i get a copy of this book???
    Wills' Mineral Processing Technology
    8th Edition


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