Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekend on Dartmoor

Cornwall is a unique area of England. Situated in the remote South West it has changed little over the centuries. Even today it has retained its early Celtic roots, being almost untouched by invasions from Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans, who moulded the history and culture of the rest of England.

It's hard for today's traveller to appreciate how difficult travel to and from the county was before modern road and rail transport. Two inhospitable moors guard the entrance to Cornwall, the main A30 trunk road passing directly across the formidable Bodmin Moor, but the larger obstacle lies in neighbouring Devon - the vast wilderness of Dartmoor.

Barbara and I have just spent the weekend in the eastern area of the National Park, in the village of Ilsington, and as in our previous visit (posting of 28 August 2009) enjoyed the contrast between walking the wild and desolate open moorland with its famous granite tors, and the gentler woodland walks, as in yesterday's 9km circular walk from Bovey Tracey to Lustleigh.


Moorland walking

Woodland walking, River Bovey
The A30 skirts the northern section of the park near Okehampton, so if you are travelling to an MEI Conference in Falmouth by car, I would highly recommend a couple of nights in this wild and beautiful area. You may even catch a glimpse of The Hound!

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  1. Indeed, BArry. I have an old friend who lives in a listed farmhouse in the Bodmin Moor area. Trully nice...


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