Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The awesome power of nature

Most people are aware that Cornwall, and much of South-West England, has been buffeted in recent weeks by a never-ending series of storms, the worst since records began. They have led to widespread damage, flooding and loss of life, so I would like to thank all of you who asked of our welfare, and assure you that we are fine here in Falmouth. Lying in the lee of the Lizard peninsula, Falmouth Bay has been relatively sheltered, but last night we had one of the most awesome storms that we have ever known, the thunder and lightning being reminiscent of our time in Africa.

The seas, particularly around the north coast, have been spectacular. The photo below was taken at Land's End yesterday, the storm watchers being dwarfed by the huge waves rocking the granite cliffs.

Courtesy APEX NEWS
A far cry from the tranquil summer scene, taken from roughly the same spot:

Summer at Land's End looking out to the Longships Lighthouse
Longships Lighthouse yesterday
Photo courtesy of davidclapp.co.uk
Hopefully things are calming down now, but our thoughts are with our friends in America who are also experiencing extreme weather at the moment.

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