Monday, 30 September 2013

Polish conference celebrates its 50th year

The annual Physical Problems of Mineral Processing Symposium celebrated its 50th anniversary early this month, and this year’s event was dedicated to Prof. Janusz Laskowski, the founder of the symposium and the journal bearing the same name. This year’s event held in conjunction with the 18th International Conference of Minerals Processing (MEC 2013) and was attended by 132 delegates, 23 from outside Poland.
Prof. Laskowski opens the conference
MEI was a media sponsor for the event, and the organisers have sent me these photos, to supplement the full report, which can be found on MEI Online.
MEC '13 Conference Delegates

Below is the hydrometallurgical group:from left: D. Hiam-Galvez, T. Chmielewski, Erik Spiller, David Dixon, David Dreisinger, Corby Anderson and B. Krysa
and below the organizers of MEC2013 (from left: A. Bakalarz, F. Koncur, M. Duchnowska, O. Sahbaz, A.Meisinger, D. Szyszka, P. Kowalczuk, K. Kozinski, A. Luszczkiewicz and Jan Drzymala)

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