Thursday, 19 September 2013

A well deserved award to Dee Bradshaw

When MEI appointed, several years ago, Prof. Dee Bradshaw as consultant to our flotation series of conferences, it was not only because of her work in flotation research, but also for her passion for nurturing students in this field.
 Now her energies have been rewarded and last Tuesday evening at the annual University of Queensland Research Week Awards, Dee was presented with an Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision Award, for her ability to develop young researchers for careers in the mining industry (see full story on MEI Online). She is pictured below with UQ's President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Peter Høj and awards ceremony guest speaker Prof. Robyn Owens from The University of Western Australia.  

 Dee, of the University’s Sustainable Minerals Institute, has an impressive success rate with her students, many of them now in leading roles in the sector. She is a natural talent and tells a great story in a short video of what she calls ‘Living Gold’, the process where she unearths the natural ability in her minerals students to bring out their potential.
 In the photo below, Dee is pictured with UQ’s Prof. Tim Napier-Munn, and UQ students:

And below putting her talents into practice at Flotation ’11 in Cape Town:

I first met Dee 22 years ago when she herself was a mature post-graduate student at the University of Cape Town. Her first international conference was in Cornwall for Reagents in Minerals Engineering in September 1991, and she is 3rd left on the photograph below, together with a few other familiar faces.

Many congratulations once again Dee.


  1. Congratulations Dee! Very well deserved :)

  2. Great news Dee, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations Dee. See you at MEI Flotation 13?
    Ian Townsend, Outotec, UK

  4. Thank you, Barry ! and thank you for all your kind comments and support through the years!

    But more than that, a warning to all you young people when you let Barry take your photographs - he keeps them!! (and may use them against you in the future). Also some of the people you meet at Barry's conferences, you may keep in touch with and work with for years to come! For example I will be seeing Leon Loerenzen later this week when he opens the World Gold Conference in Brisbane and I will be seeing Jules Aupiais at Flotation 13!!

    1. Whats more, Barbara, is that you are the one who has aged the most gracefully, and who doesn't look much older today!! What a lovely memory!

    2. Barbara sends her thanks for your kind comments Dee. And Jon reckons I have grown old disgracefully, but not quite sure what he means by that


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