Friday, 2 March 2012

From the MEI Archives- Falmouth 1986

I met up with Roshan Bhappu, President and Founder of Mountain States R&D International, Inc., Arizona, at last week’s SME Meeting in Seattle. I last met him 26 years ago in Falmouth, when he presented a keynote lecture on the impact of strategic minerals on mineral processing developments at the 2-week NATO Advanced Study Institute ‘Mineral Processing at a Crossroads’.

At 86-years old, Roshan must surely be one of the oldest active members of our profession, and we reminisced about those two wonderful weeks in Cornwall in 1986. Unfortunately he does not appear in any of the conference photographs. The one below was taken on the memorable boat trip on the River Fal, organised by the now non-existent local company Richard Mozley Ltd.


  1. Barry, very nice photo. I knew Roshan much earlier than you. This was in January 1963 after I presented a paper at the First International Hydrometallurgy Conference in Dallas, Texas then he offered me a job to work with him at the New Mexico Bureau of Mines. Now, I am delighted to meet him every year at SME Annual Meetings. Fathi Habashi

    1. Thanks Fathi. You and Roshan are truly inspirational figures to youngsters such as me

  2. Thanks Barry for consistently bringing into the limelight these gurus in the minerals industry.Personally, i hold these pace-setters in high esteem for their selfless dedication and commitment to the minerals industry.Surely that is the hallmark of a learned person, The Acquisition and Dissemination of Knowledge for the Advancement of Mankind.Thanks MEI , the likes of Roshan and Fathi are really inspirational stalwarts in the practice. May the good Lord continue to look after them. Cheers.


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