Friday, 23 March 2012

Announcing two new books

Two new books from one of the mineral processing industry’s most prolific authors, Fathi Habashi, Emeritus Professor at Laval University, Canada, were published in January this year.

Extractive Metallurgy of Copper covers the chemistry, history, pyro-, hydro-, and electrometallurgy of copper. Kinetics of leaching of copper ores and a literature guide are also included.

Pyrite. History, Chemistry, and Metallurgy covers the history of pyrite - how it was a strategic mineral necessary for the production of elemental sulfur needed for making gunpowder for military purposes and for the production of SO2 needed for making sulphuric acid for the chemical industry. Now its presence is a nuisance in tailings ponds. The book also covers the processing of pyrite containing gold, its chemistry and technology, the processing of pyrite cinder for the production of a variety of metals, and its behaviour towards autotrophic microorganisms.

Both books are distributed by Laval University Bookstore.

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